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    Balfour Petition Continues to Garner Signatures after UK Gov’t Denies Palestinians Apology

    London – 24 April 2017

    A petition urging the UK government to make an apology over the historical repercussions of the Balfour Declaration continues to garner signatures from the British masses.

    The petition, launched by the Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) as part of the Balfour Apology Campaign, has reaped dozens more signatures from students at SOAS University of London, Birkbeck College, and the University College of London (UCL).

    A number of students also vowed to volunteer at upcoming events to be initiated at British campuses in order to win over more signatories.

    Efforts have also been at top gear by PRC to reach a 100,000-signature threshold in an attempt to make the petition eligible for a House of Commons debate and raise awareness about the domino effects of Britain’s imperialistic history on the Palestinian people.